About HSM Wire International, Inc.

HSM Wire International, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer/ distributor for USA and Metric Litz wire, Cables, Ultra-Fine, Flat, Ribbon, and Magnet Wires, and Extrusions. Magnet wire is available in temperature classes 155°, 180°, 200° and 240°, with or without serving. Profiling or square litz is also available. Extrusions of PVC, polyethylene, PFA and FEP. HSM Wire meets international standards of DIN, NEMA, VSM, IEC, JIS, CEI, BS, NF, CNS, TÜV, and UL

All of our wire products are exceptionally high quality and are ready in a competitive time frame that will meet most manufacturing production schedules.

Our engineers, machinists, and technical staff assist our customers in the developing and testing of custom-made products. Our products allow you the flexibility to customize your order to be in accordance with your specifications. Our products are inspected and delivered to all areas of the world. Please feel free to request a quotation or contact our office directly. 

Our Products include the following:

Litz Wire - Served and Unserved Aluminum Wire Stainless Steel Wire
Special Alloy Wire Resistance Wire Copper Clad Aluminum
Carbon Steel Wire Copper Magnet wire Nichrome Alloy Wire

Feel free to call our corporate office if you have any questions, concerns, comments or inquiries at: (330) 244-8501 9a.m. to 5p.m. Eastern Standard Time
Or by email at: info@hsmwire.com